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Welcome to Outlaw Desert Racing and thank you for your time.

ODR has been around for nearly 20 years.  In the last coupe of months, we have decided to make drastic changes in our organization and our purpose.  We wanted to do more for our community to help others and be positive role models for the younger generation, so with new ownership, we became a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.  Even though we are in the infant stages of being a Non-Profit, the State of New Mexico granted us Non-Profit status on November 20, 2018 and the IRS has also approved our 501(c)3 status.


Our past races have gained national attention, for example in 2012 we had a national qualifier for King of the Hammers and the Ultra 4 racers were coming into town in droves.  There are nearly 50 trucks and buggies in the local area ranging from Trophy Truck, Class 1, Class 7,8 and 10.  There are more than 40 local UTV/ATV racers and the number of UTV/ATV purchases are growing each month with many of them inquiring about racing and what it takes to pass Tech and Contingency.  The list of Sportsman racer is growing daily.  We have racers from out of state (Colorado, Texas, Arizona and Kansas) that enter our races and are excited for the re-organization and our new mission.  ODR was also involved in assisting with gathering and loading items donated to Hurricane Harvey (15 truck and trailer loads) in 2017. 

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Chris Brahs


Chris Brahs is the current president of Outlaw Desert Racing and is a Disabled Veteran (Gulf War Era).  His oldest son is also a Disabled Veteran, who was involved in an IED situation in the middle east and watched his best friend and mentor die in his arms.  Chris’s son suffers from TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from the IED explosion.  Watching his son go thru so many ups and downs during his treatment, Chris wanted to do more for those that have given so much for our country.

Drew Garcia

Vice President

A promoter of off-road races and off-road events for over 20 years.  Highlights staff member and announcer for XRRA (extreme rock racing association).  Worked all events with Jody and Mike from Moab to Jellico Tennessee nationals. Organized and announced New Mexico’s biggest off-road shows, off-road gatherings.   Organized and announced mud racing, freestyle motocross, off-road show and shine, vendor row, figure 8 racing, short course racing, diesel drag racing, rock crawling and demo trail riding areas with camping we’ve had these shows for the last 10 years.   Cinco de Baja in New Mexico with BRT and ultra 4 race organizations. Qualifier for king of the hammers in 2012. Worked closely with Dave Cole.   Started around desert racing when i was 7 with my dad in HDRA and la rana desert racing in Barstow Arizona. Starting racing MDR when i was 19 in class 7.   Raced class 8 full size trucks for 5 years.  I was class 3 champion with BRT and ODR for two years. Have been promoting off-road racing in New Mexico for 20 years. Never any severe accidents or loss of life. I crew for Rigsby racing in class one for score international. I raced parker 425 in jeep speed class.   Also, vendor at many off-road expos. I currently am a manager in Albuquerque for three franchises of Servpro restoration. I run crews 24-7 and respond to emergencies every day. I specialize in race operations and safety, track logistics and layout.   People and organizations, i have worked with- Sal Fish – score, Casey Folks- BITD, Rich Klein – dirt riot, Dave Cole- ultra 4, Steve Tyo- TDRA, Luis Saenz- STORR, was president of Outlaw Desert Racing from 2001-2014 currently on the board of directors of Outlaw Desert Racing.     Member of Albuquerque open space ohv volunteer in great standing as off-road steward to the NM land trust. I attend New Mexico OHV meetings annually.

Mike Messer

  Board Member and Our 1st Brand Ambassador

Phoenix Valley Area.   A Disabled US Army Veteran who served in Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Desert Calm. Mike grew up in NW New Mexico and raced in ADRA (Arizona Desert Racing Association) back in the 80’s, racing in many different motorcycle classes as he grew up. He’s always had an interest in desert racing and is super excited to come on board with ODR, he loves helping out vets and ironically now lives in AZ working for Intel as an operations manager. ​

Michael Gipson

Albuquerque Brand Ambassador

​ODR race member, brother in arms and fellow Disabled Veteran.  Michael was in the United States Army from December 2002 thru May of 2014.  SSG. Gipson became a Heavy Weapons Squad Leader and spent over a year and a half deployed in the Middle East 2 times and fell victim to 3, and I said THREE, IED explosions and was injured.  SSG. Gipson opted to stay in country alongside his brothers than the medivac.  SSG. Gipson ended his Military career in May of 2014 and is 100% disabled from the injuries sustained during deployment protecting the USA and our freedoms.  SSG. Gipson is married to Nicole and has 4 daughters.  

Ever since SSG. Gipson was introduced to the off-road family and racing and ADRENALINE THERAPY; he is able to better control his PTSD episodes and has the feeling of being a part of a team like being in the Military.  He owns and drives a 2018 CanAm X3 Max and has named his team “MILD CASE RACING #305).  Ask him some time about the name and I assure you that you will giggle.  We want to thank you for your service SSG. Gipson and say thank you to your wife Nicole for being so supportive in your racing venture.

Eric Sifuentes

Brand Ambassador

Eric is a US Army veteran of the Infantry, Special Operation Aviation and MEDEVAC. He served 3 overseas tours in both operation Iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan. After a medical discharge Eric came home and continued to serve his community as a firefighter/EMT. Eric has worked with federal, state and local agencies as well as international assets as an TECC/TCCC/ Technical rescue instructor and operations director for an international rescue company. Eric came to ODR as part of our medical team, and participant of our adrenaline therapy program. Eric instantly fell in love with our program and with working fellow veterans helping end the 22 a day. Eric recently obtained his permanent and total disability from the VA and has dedicated his time to helping fellow veterans. Eric is a proud father and husband. He has been married to his wife Vanessa for over 7 years and they have a 9 year old daughter named Arianna. 

Joshua White

Special Events Coordinator

I’ve been involved with music and Motorsports my entire life. From my fascination with building monster trucks, and classic cars to mud trucks, to building and racing drag vehicles, and sprint cars. From 1997-2001 I was a signed musician with Ricochet records and productions. I loved recording and performing music. In 2002 I became a firefighter for the city of Burlington, Wa. In 2004 I started my own Motorsports company called Shadow Hills Motorsports. I have the greatest respect and appreciation for our military. I’ll never begin to explain the gratitude I have for them. I met my beautiful wife and son in 2014. We were married in May of 2019. In fall of 2019 I began working for Vince Van and the Outlaws as a Media, marketing and Merchandise Manager. Myself and Chris and Vince were talking about an event coming up they’d like Vince to perform at. As mine and Chris’s friendship grew, I offered my input on certain things I’d like to see at these events. I eventually became the Events Coordinator for the Outlaw Desert Racing Association In the fall of 2020 I began working with Carly’s Killer Creations as a Merchandising and Marketing Manager. So with my current day job that makes 4 jobs I’m currently working, each day 7 days a week.  Joshua also owns Doomslayer Coffee Co. and donates 50% of all profits to our Adrenaline Therapy program.
Mission Statement

We Aren't Just A Team We're Family

Our mission now is to help Disabled Veterans.  Not only Disabled Military Veterans but also Disabled First Responder Veterans.  There are far too many Disabled Veterans out there that have been forgotten or refused services by entities such as the VA.  Our goal is to bring those Veterans out to the desert or drag strip and introduce them to the racing community.  Our second goal will be giving the Veterans rides during the Pre-Run at our races and other sanctioning bodies races.  Some of our racers are also willing to give rides and some are wanting to place a Veteran in the passenger seat to be navigator during the races.  The off-road community is a family and family help one another.

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