Adrenaline Therapy

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What Is Adrenaline Therapy?

Adrenaline Therapy is a program being implemented where we allow active/veteran military or first responders personnel into an off-road desert race vehicle as a navigator during the pre-run.

New starting in 2022, we are taking veterans/first responders to the drag strip!  #HostaVeteranChallenge is taking off like wildfire and a great success.  Not everyone wants to play in the dirt so here we go!

This gives these individuals the adrenaline rush that they crave, and puts them back into the team-like atmosphere which gives them the sense of purpose again.

We take them out of their element and show them that there is more to life and there are people who care.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise money to build two complete simulator trailers. These trailers would house six racing simulators each.


This would allow us to increase our reach to a VA hospital and other organizations. Additionally, Veterans who are unable to get into a real race car due to physical limitations, now have the ability to experience the thrill of racing by sitting in the seat of the simulator.


Furthermore, we would also be able to attend large state side races with the trailers to raise awareness of Veteran suicide.

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