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MiCamp Cares Program

Welcome to the MiCamp Cares program, our new sponsor out of Scottsdale Arizona who is a high end merchant services/credit card processor.  The MiCamp Cares program is designed to save businesses money in credit card processing and in return, MiCamp Solutions donates proceeds to our Adrenaline Therapy program to battle Veteran suicide. 

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We can't thank the following businesses for being a part of the MiCamp Cares program helping us get funded. For more information, complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

THE best trailing arm and rear wheel protection for your side by side ON THE MARKET!.

Rescue Tactics and Training, providing rescue training, gear, medical first aid training and more.  

Sedona Photon Light, membership based health and wellness center.

Audio 2000 is your one stop shop for custom car audio.  Looking for over 100k watt system?  Audio 2000 is your place!

Western States Granite for all of your CUSTOM SOLID granite features.  100% grown and created in the USA.

Wicked 7 Outdoors is a hunting guide service out of Campwood Texas.  Austin is a great guy and has a passion for hunting and photography

FWM Designers Group.  FWM is a marketing network full of nonprofit and for profit businesses.  This group advertises for one another, helps raise money for the non profits thru referral sales.  

Down and dirty on the program is that MiCamp Solutions places businesses on the WaVit program.  MiCamp Solutions processes over $15 BILLION a year.  


This in turn does a few things-

  1. Business increases their bottom line by eliminating card processing fees and incentivizing your customer to pay cash.
  2. Costs $39.95 a month with unlimited processing (currently the monthly fee is being waived)
  3. MiCamp donates 20% of those fees back to Outlaw Desert Racing for our Adrenaline Therapy program
  4. ODR takes it a few steps further
    1. Advertising for all businesses that are on the program as if they are a direct fiduciary sponsor with ZERO out of pocket expense
    2. Logos on our website, social media, therapy cars etc.
    3. Attend your events (race schedule permitting)
    4. Our Facebook stats

                                                        i.     14,316 page likes/follows

                                                      ii.    257,683 post reach year to date (9-22-2022)

      5.  All businesses on the program will be placed on our MiCamp Cares page of our website AND our partners page

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